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Are you interested in therapy services at Bridgeway Academy for someone in your life?

Bridgeway Academy offers an array of therapy services for children and adults with autism and developmental disabilities. If someone in your life needs therapeutic services, our highly qualified and credentialed experts may be able to help.

This form is NOT an official application. If you decide to move forward, you will be asked to complete a separate intake form. Filling out the intake form does not guarantee placement in our therapy center. You may be added to a short waitlist for therapy services at that time.

By filling out this form, you consent to a representative from Bridgeway Academy contacting you.

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Bridgeway Academy is a full-day private school program that follows a traditional academic year calendar. Bridgeway Academy features small classroom sizes and unparalleled low student-to-teacher ratios for students in early-intervention/preschool through age 21.

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