Life and Vocational Skills

Life and Vocational Skills are a critical component of the Education Center program at Bridgeway Academy. This program gives students the ability to practice skills that will benefit them greatly in their life beyond Bridgeway Academy. Students get to spend time in the Life and Vocational Skills centers beginning in 4th grade, and continue through age 21. Students participate in frequent community outings  to apply what they learn in the Life and Vocational Skills center.

The Life Skills Center allows students to work on functional skills in a natural environment designed to mimic a home setting. IEP goals and specialized skills are targeted using principles of ABA in small groups and individually. Skills addressed include:

  • Self-Help- tooth brushing, independent toileting, showering and dressing
  • Leisure- playing board games, word searches, arts and crafts
  • Social- group conversations, games
  • Daily Living- meal planning, meal prep, light housekeeping

The Vocational Skills Center provides a comprehensive job training program for students, beginning with mastering tasks using the PAES program, and culminating with off-site job training with Bridgeway Academy’s community partners. Curriculum includes:

  • Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES) 
    • Computer Technology
    • Construction/Industrial
    • Processing/Production
    • Consumer/Service
    • Business/Marketing
  • In-School Internships
    • Laundry Service
    • Subs’N’Moore Sandwich Shop
    • Bridges Restaurant
  • Community-Based Instruction
    • Chik-Fil-A
    • Kern International
    • Cintas
    • The Mid-Ohio Foodbank

If you would like to partner with Bridgeway Academy to provide community-based instruction for students in our Vocational program, please contact Tammy Brinser, Vocational Skills Coordinator, at or call 614-262-7520.

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