Current Parents/PTA

Welcome Bridgeway Academy parents and caregivers! There are lots of helpful documents here – also – be sure to check out the School and Event Calendar and Parent Resources pages for more information.

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Bridgeway Academy’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a volunteer association established to form a partnership between Bridgeway Academy’s staff and families, to serve together to enhance and maximize the educational potential of every child. We will spread awareness, sponsor special events, fundraise and provide education for our families and the community.

Bridgeway Academy’s PTA exists as a nonprofit unincorporated association governed by a set of articles. All parents or guardians of Education Center students can be a voting member and hold offices of the PTA; Therapy Center parents and guardians are welcome to attend PTA meetings as non-voting members, and are not eligible to hold office.

PTA meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month during the academic year with an annual meeting held each June. Full schedule below.

2019-2020 PTA Officers:
President:  Sarah Smalley
VP of Primary:  Heather Watson
VP of Secondary:  Rachel Piekarski
Treasurer:  Lindsey Schaber
Secretary:  Jen O’Brien
Committee  Chairs:
Staff Appreciation (Primary):  Maira Fagan, Callie Mitchell, Libby Ohler
Staff Appreciation (Secondary):  Mary Ghouse, Becky Harris
Social: Lindsey Schaber, Sarah Smalley
Box Tops:  Ashley Neidhardt
Book Fair:  Heather Watson
Gala Baskets: Rachel Piekarski, Tiffany Edwards, Kaytie Fulks
SCRIP: Sarah Smalley
PTA Cares:  Kyleigh Maxwell, Rachel Piekarski
Directory:  Callie Mitchell

For more information about PTA or to get involved, email

2019-20 PTA meeting schedule:

All meeting are from 1:00-2:30pm.

8.20.19 at Primary
9.10.19 at Secondary
10.8.19 at Primary
11.12.19 at Secondary
12.10.19 at Primary
1.14.20 at Secondary
2.11.20 at Primary
3.10.20 at Secondary
4.14.20 at Primary
5.12.20 at Secondary

To stay up to date with PTA happenings, please join our private “Bridgeway Academy Families” Facebook group. Education Center and Therapy Center parents welcome!

Please also “Like” Bridgeway Academy’s official Facebook Page where you can learn about organizational functions and events directly.

General Parent Reminders:

Logo Wear: T-shirts are available for purchase. See your child’s teacher or the Bridgeway Academy office for an order form.

Winter Reminders: Don’t forget! Students go outside for recess of the “feels-like” temperature is 25 degrees or more; for gross motor if the “feels like” temperature is 15 degrees or more. Please remember to dress your child appropriately.

Closings and Delays: During inclement weather closings and delays can be found on all major stations.

Illnesses: As a reminder students that are ill must be kept home from school. If your child has a fever, vomiting or diarrhea while at school they will be sent home. In addition, we will be extra careful with students displaying flu-like symptoms.

Primary School Student and Parent Handbook: Information on policies and procedures for Bridgeway Academy’s Primary School

Secondary School Student and Parent Handbook: Information on policies and procedures for Bridgeway Academy’s Secondary School

Medication Administration (JFS 01217): If your child needs to receive any medication, supplement or lotion during the school day, please complete both forms (JFS 01217 and JFS 01236).

Medical-Physical Health Care Plan (JFS 01236)

Child Medical Statement (JFS 01305): All students must have a current medical statement, signed by a physician, on file with Bridgeway Academy at all times.

AfterCare Information

About SCRIP – Buy gift cards and earn money back toward your tuition!

The PTA runs a fundraiser called SCRIP that allows you to raise money directly to your child’s tuition and FACTS account by purchasing gift cards through SCRIP’s website.

Please email if you have questions.

2019-20 order dates:

Raise Funds for Bridgeway Academy – FREE TO YOU!

Box Tops: Clip and send in your Box Tops as often as you can. Register at to see a list of participating products, complete earning details for Bridgeway Academy (including Bridgeway Academy’s goal and earnings to date), print coupons for Box Top products and earn additional cash for Bridgeway Academy by shopping online.

Kroger Plus Card Rewards Program Register your Kroger Plus card online and each time you use your Plus card Bridgeway Academy will receive a percentage of your sale. Click on “Community Rewards Information” and search for Bridgeway Academy.