Community Partnerships

Supervision for Behavior Analyst Certification

Bridgeway Academy’s team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts provides supervision to individuals from a variety of university programs seeking to complete the independent fieldwork experience necessary to sit for the board exam administered Behavior Analyst Certification Board. University programs include:

Ball State                                                                     University of Cincinnati

Florida Institute of Technology                         Ohio State University

Bridgeway Academy welcomes highly qualified educators to participate in in the resident educator program, to do fieldwork, or, to student teach. Participating Universities are:

Liberty University                                                  Ohio State University

Grand Canyon University

Bridgeway Academy welcomes students from Universities throughout the United States who are completing their Master’s Level Fieldwork.  Currently, Bridgeway Academy is working with the following Colleges and University’s on student placements:

Music Therapy

Bridgeway Academy’s Music Therapy program is on the National Roster for Internships through the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) and attracts interns from any Music Therapy program from University‘s across the country.

Occupational Therapy Department

A.T. University, Arizona School of Health Sciences    Chatham University, Pittsburgh
Kent State University                                                         Marion Technical Columbus
The Ohio State University                                                 Rhodes State College
Tennessee University                                                         Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia
University of Toledo                                                           Zane State University

Physical Therapy Department

Tennessee University                                                       The Ohio State University
Thomas Jefferson University                                           Ohio University