Sibshops and SibTeen

Special Announcement: Due to limited space, and given the and safety concerns with COVID-19, our Sibshops and SibTeen programs will be on hold until Bridgeway Academy moves to the new building, sometime within the next academic year.  Stay tuned here for updates, and thank you for your patience!

Sibshops and SibTeen are open to the siblings of children with special needs. Whether you have a child attending Bridgeway Academy or not, we welcome you to attend one or more of these events. 


Sibshops are workshops for siblings ages 7-12 of individuals with special needs. Sibshops provide brothers and sisters with opportunities for peer support within a lively, recreational setting.

Through games, activities, and discussions, siblings will receive support from their peers who may be experiencing many of the same feelings, challenges, and joys of having a sibling with a special need.


SibTeen is a recreation-based group that seeks to provide peer support opportunities for teenage siblings of children with disabilities, and give them a space to connect with others who “get it”.  It’s a fun and thoughtful group where members share unique concerns, joys, frustrations, and information with others who truly understand.