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Occupational Therapy


Our licensed pediatric occupational therapists specialize in functional, play-based interventions. Play is a vital skill that impacts every aspect of a child’s development.  Our occupational therapists are committed to providing the most current, evidence-based occupational therapy practices to assess your child’s sensory processing skills, motor planning abilities, fine and visual motor integration skills, bilateral integration skills, and activities of daily living abilities.  This will allow us to determine any functional limitations that may be interfering with his or her ability to successfully engage in and interact with his or her natural environments and participate in functional play with peers.

Through the sensory integration framework, our mission is to help each child we serve reach his or her optimal potential. The goal of occupational therapy is to provide a “Just Right Challenge”.  This will assist with success within your child’s environment and to assist your child in developing skills that impact his or her holistic development.  OT will address sensory needs by providing stimulation to the vestibular, proprioception, and tactile systems through various suspended equipment or other therapeutic equipment.  Therapy will also address fine motor skills needed for coloring, cutting, writing, or typing as well as activities of daily living skills such as tying shoes, buttoning, snapping, or zipping.

Therapy may be provided within the classrooms, which is considered the least restrictive environment, or out of the class for an individual session in the dedicated therapy gym.  Group OT will focus on successful peer play and social skill development by sharing art materials, interacting during game play, or taking turns on equipment.  A summary of your child’s progress will be sent home monthly that may include activities to target at home.

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