Skills Center

The Skills Center is located adjacent to Bridgeway Academy, and is an extension space for students in middle and high school to focus on functional life skills in a natural environment. Bridgeway Academy’s students spend half of their day in a formal classroom working on academics and the other half of the day in the Skills Center working on skills of daily living (cooking, grooming, housekeeping) and pre-vocational skills (sorting, computer skills).

  • Functional real life setting utilized by middle and high school students.
  • IEP goals and specialized skills are targeted using principles of ABA in small groups and individualized instruction. Skills addressed include:
    • Self-Help- tooth brushing, independent toileting, showering and dressing
    • Technology- navigating the internet, emailing, placing online orders
    • Leisure- playing board games, word searches, arts and crafts
    • Social- group conversations, games
    • Daily Living- meal planning, meal prep, light housekeeping
    • Pre-Vocational- filling orders, assembling items, following visual/written directions
  • Students participate in weekly outings in the community to apply what they learned from the skills center.
  • Classroom teachers collaborate with speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, music therapists, and behavior analysts to address and generalize treatment goals in real life setting.
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