Family Partnership Services Program

(L-R) Jen Owens and Stephanie Keyser
(L-R) Jen Owens and Stephanie Keyser

The goal of Bridgeway Academy’s Family Partnership Program is to empower families and caregivers to develop the necessary tools to support their children at home and in the community.

Our approach includes research based services and trainings tailored to meet the changing needs of our families.  These services can be accessed and paid for through Franklin County Psychology/ABA funding or private pay.

Our services include: Parent Training, In-Home Functional Behavior Assessment, Parent/Caregiver Consultation, Aide Training, Individualized Behavior Support, Assistance with Skill Generalization across School, Home and Community Environment and Treatment Planning.

To learn more about the Family Partnership Program, contact Stephanie Keyser, M.A., BCBA, COBA or Jennifer Owens, BCaBA at

2017 – 18 Parent Trainings and Workshops

September 26                          Intro to ABA Training                                                  Location TBD           6-7:30pm

October 4                                   Intro to ABA Parent Workshop                               Location TBD           4-5pm

November 7                              Intro to ABA Parent Training                                    Location TBD           6-7:30pm

November 14                           Intro to ABA Parent Workshop                               Location TBD           4-5pm

February 6                                 Functional Communication Parent Training                    Location TBD           6-7:30pm

February 15                               Functional Communication Parent Workshop                   Location TBD           4-5pm

April 17                                       Visual Strategies Parent Training        Location TBD           6-7:30pm

April 25                                       Visual Strategies Parent Workshop    Location TBD           4-5pm

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