Programs & Services

Bridgeway Academy’s program is comprised of three key areas:

The school day Education Center features small classroom sizes and low student to teacher ratios for students in preschool through age 21. Consultation and Assessment by Board Certified Behavior Analysts, the Family Partnership Services Program, Life and Vocational Skills, and Transition-To-Adulthood services are also offered to students enrolled in the Education Center. As part of our unique approach, students enrolled in the Education Center receive all their therapies (Speech, Music, Occupational, and Physical) during the school day.
Funding Sources Accepted at the Education Center:

The Therapy Center serves children enrolled in the Education Center AND individuals of all ages who come strictly for therapy services. Bridgeway Academy’s MusicOccupational, Physical and Speech therapists work one-on-one, in small groups, and in co-treatment sessions to meet the needs of each client. Psychological services and evaluations, including diagnostic evaluations, are available to the public as well as children enrolled in the Education Center.
Funding Sources Accepted at the Therapy Center:

  • Medicaid
  • Level One, I.O and Self Waiver
  • Franklin and Delaware County funding is currently utilized to cover psychological and behavioral services, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. In addition, Delaware County funding may be available to cover the cost of music therapy.
  • BCMH and Help Me Grow funds are available in many counties to cover some therapies.
  • Some families have had success with reimbursement from their insurance company for therapy services – please check with your provider directly.
  • For Psychological services: Franklin and Delaware County funding is currently utilized to cover psychological and behavioral services.
  • For Psychological services, some insurance is accepted. Please check with your insurance company or contact our psychologist office for additional information.
  • Private Pay

Bridgeway Academy’s 6-week Summer Program is led by the same skilled, experienced and trained education and therapy staff who execute our programs during the academic year. While additional elements of summer fun and social skill development are incorporated into the schedule, the same teacher to student ratios, learning objectives and expert staff operate the program ensuring participants are in a safe environment and reducing regression over the summer months.
Funding Sources Accepted for Summer Program:

  • Autism Scholarship
  • Private Pay

Please note: Bridgeway Academy is not a Caresource or Molina provider.

The Adaptation, Integration and the Arts Program of VSA Ohio partners teaching artists and educators in inclusive classrooms to enhance teaching and learning through an arts-integrated residency and curriculum. Watch this video, featuring Bridgeway Academy, to learn more about the program and see it in action in Columbus, Ohio.