Champions, Heroes and Superheroes

Bridgeway Academy Champions, Heroes and Superheroes are the organization’s most consistent and generous contributors. Their generosity gives children in need the opportunity to benefit from Bridgeway Academy’s educational and therapeutic services.

Bridgeway Academy Champions are individuals or families who have contributed a minimum of $250 – $499 annually* to Bridgeway Academy. In addition to know that their financial contribution makes a difference in the life of a child, Champions also receive:

  • Recognition on the Bridgeway Academy website
  • Invitation to participate in Bridgeway Academy’s Lunch & Learn series, “engage
  • Updates and sneak previews, from time to time, on the impact their contributions make to Bridgeway Academy and its mission

Bridgeway Academy Heroes are individuals or families who have contributed a minimum of $500 – $1,499 annually* to Bridgeway Academy. In addition to knowing that their financial contribution makes a difference in the life of a child and the benefits above, Heroes also receive: 

  • Recognition in the Annual Report
  • Invitation to a private “topics-issue” lunch with Bridgeway Academy’s Executive Directors and/or staff with an expertise specific to your interest
  • Invitation to the annual May Donor & Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast at Bridgeway Academy

Bridgeway Academy Superheroes are individuals or families who have contributed a minimum of $1,500 annually* to Bridgeway Academy. In addition to the benefits above, Superheroes also receive:

  • A thank you note from a Bridgeway Academy student or classroom
  • Invitation to participate in a mission-immersion experience at Bridgeway Academy, in an area of particular interest to YOU (e.g. experience music therapy first-hand; participate in an experience in LAMP / augmentative and alternative communication, etc.)
  • Invitation to lunch, breakfast or coffee with Bridgeway Academy’s Executive Directors, staff and/or members of Bridgeway Academy’s Board of Trustees Advancement Committee

Want to become a Champion, Hero or Superhero? Contact Carol Argiro, Director of Advancement at or (614) 262-7520 or donate online.

*Contributions that qualify for this program are general operating support and comprehensive campaign contributions; this does not include event sponsorship, live or silent auction or ticket/registration purchases.

Bridgeway Academy Champions, June 1, 2020 through May 31, 2021

Alison Scott-Moxley
Amanda Leuenberger
Amanda Moss
Ann Zallocco
Anthony and Sarah Groh
Brad and Jan Rondy
Brent and Sarah Saxton
Brian and Ann Shipley
Brian Osborne
Chris and Leslie Murdock
Chuck and Cindy Kerr
Chuck and Katie Mault
Ciara Baker
Correen Wiggins
Darrell and Dolores Pytlik
Deacon and Michelle Hooper
Doug and Susy Talbott
Edward and Mary Higgins
Elon and Wynette Simms
Emily Walker
Eric Paton
Fritz N. Kappler
George and Andrea Lynch
Gretel Young
Hannah Stewart
Ian and Janelle Maur
Ilda Nailovic Kauffman
James A. and Betsy J. Williams
Jeanne Bauer
Jeff and Jordyn Perry
Jennifer Khosrowshahi
Jennifer L. Owens
Jerry and Patricia Fogle
Jim Collins
Joseph and Sheryl Higginbotham
Kathy Schuster
Kerwin and Robin Kay Graber
Kevin and Julie Henzel
Kyle and Ashlee Davis
Kylie and Brian Santiago
Lori Christensen
Mark and Laurie Huffnagle
Martha Buckalew
Mary Beilharz Miller
Michael and Jenn Schneider
Michael Kimbler
Nate and Kelsey Ramsey
Parminder Kaur
Patrick Meyer
Rachel Weaver
Ryan Hite
Sara Bedwell
Sarah Bauman
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Lenow
Scott and Tammy Brinser
Steve and Christine Adolph
Steven (Mac) and Arletta McDonald
Steven and Brittany Poast
Susan Orr
Tiffany Marshall
Tim and Peggy Mills
Tom and Kelly Detling
Tom and Tina Wood
Trevor Vessels
Vic and Kerri Howard Roush
William and Louise DiMascio
William Herr

Bridgeway Academy Heroes, June 1, 2020 through May 31, 2021

Adam and Katie Brown
Angie Head
Anna Siriano and Joe Argiro
Bill and Mary Gause
Brian and Brenna Jones
Brian and Mallory Dixon
Brian Donato
Bud and Diane Baker
Carl and Heather Redding
Christopher and Katie Capotosto
Christy Johnson
Cory Huber
Cristina Mehl
Daniel and Kimberly Colwell Gore
David and Dr. Judy Westman
David and Linda Eplin
David and Louise Swanson
David Staley and Alexa Reck
Denis and Jennifer Walsh
Derek and Jessica Krauser
DeVon and Laurie Roberts
Drs. Alex and Sandra Sabo
Dwight Hunter and Abbey Moonis
Ed and Karen Morrison
Elizabeth Preston and Jason MacKay
Eric and Christy Farnbauch
Eve Hathaway
Gina Grote
Greg and Rose Lawyer
Greg and Sarah Bohn
Harold and Linda Grossglass
Heather Weissert
Howard and Sheila Gabe
Jacquelyn Curd
James and Chong Hall
James and Romina Fischman-Smith
Jared Buerger
Jeff and Greta Robb
Jeff and Whitney Orr Williams
Jeffrey Perko and Daniela Olson-Perko
Jenny Aquino
Jocelyn Armstrong
Joe King
Jordan and Elizabeth Ohler
Kathleen David
Kathryn Moore
Katie Brower
Keri Robinson
Kevin and Ronda Johnson
Kirby and Allison O’Mara
Kylie and Brian Santiago
Larry and Nancy Johnson
Lee Brockett
Leslie B. Kirsch
Lindsey Paden Cargill
Lynn & Joe Paden
Lynn Cline
Marc and Alyssa McGinnis Hatton
Marie Tvaroch
Matt and Katie Del Vecchio
Megan Orr
Michael Barnes
Mike and Elexis Ryan
Mike and Sharon Imondi
Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Kerri Rathburn
Nathan and Ciara Cottrill
Nickolas and Bethany Jones
Olin and Linda Jones
Pamela Riley
Patrick and Lindsay Fletcher
Rachel Bowen and Jennifer Gilmore
Richard and Geraldine Stanko
Richard Milliken
Rick and Bonnie Simonetta
Rita Thomas
Robert and Mary Claire Schmidt
Robert and Melissa Martorelli
Ron and Lois Brandler
Rose Lanning
Sonja Rae Christensen
Spicola Family Foundation
Stan and Jennifer Fuller
Stephen and Evelyn Entler
Steve and Sheri Ramey
Suryaprakash V Kavalipati
Tamaliyapo Mphande
Teresa Santmyer
Thomas and Krista Hagans
Tiffany Landefeld Nambiar
Timothy Holston
Tom and Susan Goodlive
Tony and Lindsay Imagie-Douglas
Vanessa Barbe
Vicki Zwelling
Wendi and Randy Stern
Yvette Hoelyfield

Bridgeway Academy Superheroes, June 1, 2020 through May 31, 2021

Andrea Easley
Andrew and Devon Freeman
Anne Semerar-Gwin
Bill and Marci Ingram
Brad and Tanya Corso
Brian and Jen Miller
Carol Argiro
Charlotte Bowenhollow
Chris and Jen Moran
Chris and Kristie Henry
Clark and Dixie May
Connie Bowencamp
Connie Taylor
D. Matthew Koehler
Daniel and Kimberly Blackaby
Darren and Erin Nealy
David and Beverly Moffatt
David and Sandra Wiseley
David and Sara Freetage
David E. Brewer
David Fischer and Lisa Imondi
Dennis and Teresa Liston
Drew and Megan Vennemeyer
Edward Lee Patton
Gary and Jane Heminger
Gregory and Lisa Cummings
Higginbotham Family Trust
James and Karen Myers
James Patrick and Lorna Whyte
Jay and DeAnn Young
Jean Crawford
Jim and Michelle Croft
John M. and Donna M. Hamilton
Jon and Rachel Mester
Kenneth DiPaola and Andrea Stern
Kevin and Holly Conley
Kim Freetage
Lara Clark
Loren and Pamela Keefer
Louis C. Buckalew and Cathy E. Mehl
Mark and Marcy Ungar
Martin and Elene Christensen
Matt and Meara Scantland
Michael and Rachel Piekarski
Pamela Smith
Randy and Laura Watson
Richard and Doreen Schostek
Robert and Kelly Shenton
Robert and Romona Gray
Ron and Mary Jane Flick
Scott and Abigail David
Sharee Brandler
Steve and Nikki Zvonek
Ted and Molly Wilkinson
The Loring Family Foundation
Theodore M. David
Tim and Lauren Kress
Tom and Jennifer Baker
Tom Easley

Contributions at all levels make it possible for Bridgeway Academy to focus on and accomplish its mission to inspire the potential and celebrate the ability of every child. You can make a contribution of any amount here.