Autism Scholarship & Other Funding Opportunities


Ohio Autism Scholarship: Bridgeway Academy accepts the Autism Scholarship for all of our programs, provided it matches an IEP goal.  A child must be 3 years old, have an Autism diagnosis, and have an IEP and ETR from their District of Residence. More information is available at

Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship: Bridgeway Academy accepts this scholarship for most programs.  This scholarship requires a Kindergarten or higher IEP/ETR from the district of residence and the amount awarded is based on the child’s diagnosis. More information is available at

Bridgeway Academy Financial Aid: Through grants and the generosity of individual donors we are able to offer financial aid to those that qualify. Once your student has been admitted, application for scholarship can be made through the on-line tuition system.

Dots Tots Foundation:  A non-profit charity operating out of Hilliard Ohio, the Dot’s Tots Foundation has offered to work with Bridgeway Academy families that live in the Hilliard Ohio area, in providing some tuition assistance for families.  If your family lives in the Hilliard area, Bridgeway Academy can help with the process to request financial assistance.  To learn more about the charity visit


County Board of Developmental Disabilities: Many local counties offer services for residents. Each county has a unique program, please contact your County Support Administrator or the Bridgeway Academy office for more information.

Franklin County:

Delaware County:

Medicaid: We are a provider for the Level One Medicaid Waiver, however, we are not able to bill for those clients on a managed care plan at this time.

Insurance: Bridgeway Academy is able to bill Psychological Counseling and Testing to Insurance. For a list of companies we are contracted with, please contact our office at 614-262-7520. In addition, Music Therapy can be billed to some insurance plans. The list of plans and the list of services offered changes frequently. For the most up to date information please contact our offices at 614-262-7520


Bridgeway Academy strives to provide information and resources that are up-to-date and relevant to its community.  Check back here often for information.

A great list of family funding resources is available through Autism Speaks.  Funding organizations often change and update their funding criteria, so even if you’ve looked before, you might consider checking back!