“During the time my son has been attending HHC he has made great advancements both socially and developmentally.  I believe only with the help of the great staff at HHC would these advancements in my son be possible.  I feel we have, in a sense, gotten the son back we thought we had lost to Autism.”

“HHC has been the best choice we have made for our sons.  Everyone who spends time with Ben and Adam has so much compassion and understanding.  When Adam began attending HHC just a short time ago, he had a 5 word vocabulary.  Now he has a group of new words every week.  The wonderful group of therapists and teachers at HHC continue to amaze us everyday with their work for our sons.”

“Helping Hands Center has given our family so much help and encouragement.  Every member of their staff are so dedicated to our children.  When Dillon first came to HHC I was so uncertain of his future and I was worried about him being at school all day at such a young age (3).  When I met the staff and got to know his teachers, I knew he was in good hands-amazing hands.  He has progressed so well with the therapy and teaching techniques.  The entire staff has encouraged me every step of the way.  They always support me and are always positive.  I can go to them at any time with any concern or any problem Dillon is experiencing and they are never too busy to not only address it, but help provide tools to work through it.  I can honestly say that I know Dillon has a bright future and that HHC has had everything to do with that.  I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate Helping Hands Center-from their excellent, caring education and therapy they provide to their commitment to supporting the entire family.  Helping Hands is an amazing place!”

“Our family is very grateful for Helping Hands Center.  It has been a very positive learning environment for our son.  The staff has the greatest attitude.  They truly have a devotion to our kids and are understanding of how to teach a child with autism.  It is a great feeling to drop your child off at school knowing that he/she is safe, well taken care of and is learning!  Thank you HHC!”

“We went from hopeless to hopeful due to the wonderful programs, school, therapies, and staff at Helping Hands Center.”

“We have seen a huge change in our daughter since she started in October of 2007.  Her increased social skills, verbal abilities, and motor skills have amazed everyone who knows her.  We feel so blessed to be a part of the Helping Hands family who truly cares for our child and helps to guide her father and I as we strive to make her the best little person/future big person she can be!”

“The collaborative environment of teachers and therapists and families has helped our son Matthew grow in many wonderful ways.  We are so grateful that he loves to go to school, is excited to learn and is making great strides.  Helping Hands Center is what we attribute his success to.  The staff is very creative and looks at each child individually to think “outside of the box” to find ways to address learning styles.  We can’t thank Abby and Erin enough for staring the amazing school.  We can’t thank the staff enough for helping our special son to grow.  We have so much hope for him and that is because of Helping Hands Center!”

“The teachers are so dedicated at Helping Hands Center our 5 and a half year old son sees them as extended family.  Before HHC, our son had 1-2 word utterances and beat his head on walls and floors in frustration.  After receiving services at HHC, he is speaking in full sentences, has not beaten his head, and was out of diapers and potty trained in 4-6 months.  He acknowledges peers and family with greetings and even offers to play.  The faculty and staff at HHC are second to none!”

“We could not be more pleased with our choice of Helping Hands Center for Special Needs in selecting education and therapy services for our twin sons.

The progress our children are making in the education center and occupational, speech and music therapies will serve them well into adulthood.

The staff members are not only professional, but are also dedicated, communicative, and deeply and truly invested in the growth of our children.  We are grateful to Helping Hands Center for Special Needs for creating such a wonderful place where our children learn and develop lifelong skills each day.”

“Anna has been going to school at Helping Hands Center since its beginning in the fall of 2006. Anna is a runner and I have never once had to worry about her safety at Helping Hands. I can go to work worry-free and know that she is being taken care of and is making friends. She has learned so much through the awesome teachers she’s had at the Center. The music piece at the school is really key with Anna, she is so motivated by music. I would highly recommend this school to anyone with a child on the spectrum. We truly think if it weren’t for the hard-working teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, music therapists and the administration staff Anna would not be where she is now: a happy, friendly, kind-hearted kid and so smart!”

“This is what Helping Hands Center has meant to us: There really isn’t enough time or space to tell all of you how much you have meant to my daughter Hannah or to our family. When you have a child that is diagnosed with Autism a parent grieves for the child that “should have been”. The irony is, is that even though you have a child with a disability they have a gift all of their own that touches everyone fortunate enough to know them.  I cannot say enough about Hannah’s teachers, therapists, and the two wonderful directors. I truly believe in my heart that they love my little girl and because of their patience, dedication, and an enormous ability to care is why I no longer grieve for my daughter I am excited about her future. Hannah now has the ability to understand concepts, say words, play, and interact socially. There is no better feeling of doing the right thing for your child and sending Hannah to Helping Hands is the best decision my husband and I have ever made. Hannah has come so far since beginning this journey and I have Helping Hands to thank for all of her success.”