What is Bridgeway Academy?
Bridgeway Academy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Central Ohio that provides a centered approach to educational and therapeutic services for children with autism and developmental disabilities. Our mission is to inspire the potential and celebrate the ability of every child.

What does Bridgeway Academy do?
To serve children with autism and their families, our team of over 180 highly-trained professionals provides the following services:

  • School Day Education (Preschool-Age 21)
  • A Range of Therapies (Speech, Physical, Occupational, Music)
  • Psychological Services (Diagnostic Assessments, Consultations, Observations, Therapy Sessions, and more)
  • Family Partnership Services (Parent Training, In-Home Behavior Support, and more)
  • Life Skills Training
  • Vocational Skills Training (including Community-Based Instruction)
  • Transition-to-Adulthood Support


How does tuition work?
Annual tuition to attend the school day Education Center program at Bridgeway Academy ranges from $30,000 – $35,000, with an average annual tuition of $33,380. Bridgeway Academy is an Ohio Department of Education accredited Autism Scholarship Provider which is available to any child aged 3-22 that has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Ohio’s Autism Scholarship program currently provides $31,500 per year per child in PARENT DIRECTED FUNDING. The scholarship reimburses Bridgeway Academy monthly and the parent/family is responsible for any amount due above that $31,500. Bridgeway Academy utilizes a program called FACTS to assist with monthly payments which are automatically deducted from the bank account of the family’s choosing, and will work with each family on a comfortable payment plan and schedule. Bridgeway Academy does have need-based financial aid assistance available to families that qualify. Please inquire about the financial aid application after submitting an application for enrollment to Bridgeway Academy.

Who is in charge of the IEP (Individualized Education Plan)?
If the student accesses the Autism Scholarship or the Jon Peterson Scholarship, the school district of residence in conjunction with the parent are responsible for the maintenance and renewal if the IEP document, however; Bridgeway Academy teachers and therapists collaborate closely with school district representatives to develop appropriate long term goals and short term objectives that reflect the individual needs of the student. If a student is placed at Bridgeway Academy by their home school district, Bridgeway Academy is responsible, along with parents for the IEP document.

Who provides transportation to school each day?
Parents are responsible for providing transportation for their student. There are transportation companies available as a private payment option.

Who provides lunches and snacks?
Due to some of the limited diets of our students, parents provide all lunches, beverages, and snacks for their child.  Please send lunches with contents that will not spoil in a an insulated container or lunch box.  Additionally, we are required to follow ODJFS guidelines for nutritional purposes.  Please try to send food from as many food groups as possible in your child’s lunch each day.  If your child has any diet or allergy restrictions, please submit a note from your physician.

Is there a Before/After Care or a Latchkey program?
Yes. Bridgeway Academy currently offers a Before Care and After Care program daily beginning at 8:00am and ending at 5:30 PM for an additional cost. Please click here to find out more information. 

Does Bridgeway Academy encourage/schedule naps?
No, however, if a family feels that naps are an important part of their child’s schedule, we can provide a cot in the child’s classroom.  Most of our students do not nap (even 28-month-olds!) as they are so busy learning and working with teachers. Many students will fall asleep on the drive home!

How do I apply for school?
Please click here to apply.


My child already attends school or has a home program somewhere else.  Can I still access private therapies at Bridgeway Academy?
YES – absolutely!  Please click here to apply for therapy-only services.

What funding sources are accepted at Bridgeway Academy?

  • Autism Scholarship is currently utilized to cover the majority of the costs associated with the Education Center program.
  • Bridgeway Academy is a John Peterson Scholarship Provider.
  • Medicaid is currently utilized to cover speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.  Bridgeway Academy is currently not a Caresource or Molina provider.
  • County allotted funding (Franklin, and Delaware) is currently utilized to cover psychological and behavioral services, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.  In addition, Delaware County funding may be available to cover the cost of music therapy.
  • BCMH and Help Me Grow funds are available in many counties to cover some therapies.
  • Bridgeway Academy is considered an “Out of Network” provider for most insurance companies.  Therefore, we do not provide direct billing to insurance for services; however, some families have had success with reimbursement from their insurance company for therapy services.